For most fish owners, owning a small fish tank is really cute and is just perfect for their needs but for some, bigger is better. Why not right? Bigger fish tanks can hold more fish and they really make elegant displays both at home and in offices.

The only problem is that, there’s not a lot of 100 gallon fish tank for sale that are of good quality. You may see a good few 100 gallon tanks in the market but before deciding on making your purchase, you have to really check on the quality.

There are a lot of factors you need to consider. One is of course the thickness and quality of glass. Some glass is really thin and can easily be broken which can become a serious problem in the future. This is not only dangerous for the aquatic animals but to people. We have chosen the best three fish tanks on the market today which fit the description. These are guaranteed not just to be of good quality but they are also affordable.

CAD Light 100 Gallon Artisan Aquarium
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47.5 x 23.5 x 20 inches; 250 pounds4.8/5$$$ Check Price
APF97027 Marineland Fish Aquarium72 x 18 x 22 inches; 300 pounds4.4/5$$$ Check Price
100 Gallon Easy-Reef Rimless Aquarium Set48 x 20 x 24 inches4.0/5$$$ Check Price

CAD Light 100 Gallon Artisan Aquarium

100 Gallon Fish Tank for Sale

The CAD Light Artisan Aquarium is one which you would fall in love with at first glance. This comes with a simple and yet elegant design which would surely suit your living room or your office. This could also be perfect in your bedroom to brighten up your day. Check out this other features:

  • This is made of ultra clear low iron glass. This guarantees its durability as well as its design. The iron glass is a sure sign of quality and sophistication.
  • This has dimensions of 47.5×23.5×20 inches. The size is not too big nor too small to contain 100 gallons of water.
  • This comes with a beautifully designed 36 inch tall maple plywood furniture cabinets. This is perfect if you are trying to save space or you need more storage space. You can easily keep files and other supplies in the cabinets. This cabinet was built using real maple wood and lacquer which adds to the intricate design.
  • This comes with a 1500 GOH controlled silent pump as well as a multi-chambered sump.
  • This also features a professional cone pipeless skimmer as well as a trapezoid overflow box.
  • This has a rimless glass cover system with silent drain and return system which ensures no distraction coming from the fish tank.
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APF97027 Marineland Fish Aquarium

apf aquarium

This Marineland fish aquarium is a proud product of Perfecto Manufacturing and had been designed to hold around 100 to 125 gallons of water. This has a 72 inch length with the rim and base supports made of oak. The oak do not just add to the design but it also gives added protection in two ways.

The first one is it protects the aquarium from getting broken when the corners are bumped. Secondly, this also acts as protection to people to prevent them from accidentally getting hurt as this is one of the most common accidents from rectangular or square sized fish tanks.

The glass is made of specialized thick glass which is good in keeping the tank from being broken easily. This also ensures the tank will last for a great number of years.

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100 Gallon Easy-Reef Rimless Aquarium Set

100 Gallon Easy-Reef Rimless Aquarium Set

This rimless Starphire tank has a unique design which can truly be considered rare. This also features a birch stand, sump and plumbing. All these design combined together makes up this rimless aquarium set. This also comes in different shades and colors so you can choose which ones suits your space really perfectly.

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