Using the original rocks in the aquarium is not reasonable as well as a tiresome task to do. They are really heavy and now many new forms of 3d aquarium backgrounds are available that give the same look as original ones. The material from which these 3d designs are made is really flexible and light weight. It is really easy to install these backgrounds in any size of the aquarium with little effort.

These backgrounds are installed on the back of the aquarium and they present the look of real rocks or coral background. Some people who are really creative make these backgrounds themselves according to their choice, however; there are many covers available in the stores which can be used.

Some of the creative best 3d aquarium backgrounds which are most liked by the customers are as follows.

Universal Rocks Aquarium Background
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48x20, 36x16, 48x16 inches4.5/5$$$ Check Price
Dark Silvefr Rocky fish-tank Background21 x 48 (55 Gallon)4.2/5$ Check Price
Bio-Bubble Coral 3D aquarium background20 x 6.2 x 13 inches4.0/5$ Check Price

Universal Rocks Aquarium Background

3d aquarium backgrounds

This background looks like the replica of the natural rocky surface. It provides the lightweight material with the original look of the rocks. The space covered by this background in the aquarium is up to 1 inch which is really less as compared to the real rocky background. This is the best choice for the reptiles because it provides a natural environment. The pet will feel at home by the comfortable and natural looking background.

The installation of this background is really easy which can be done by anyone and do not require any technical expertise. The flexibility of this product is ensured by making it easily bendable in the tank while installation. The clips and center braces come with the product which is used to fit it on the background. The sizes of different tanks are dissimilar so it is really trouble-free to cut it according to the size of the tank in which it is going to be installed.

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Dark Silvefr Rocky fish-tank Background – 55 Gallon

Dark Silvefr Rocky fish-tank Background

This is unique kind of background which can fit in 55-gallon tank easily. It is attached to the background of the tank from outside. The tapes do not come in the package but it is simple to install with the common tape to the background of the tank.

The beautiful design is offered along with the durability in the form of this 3d aquarium background. It is not like the normal backgrounds accessible in the stores but the material is of high quality. Also, the look is realistic along with the high-quality image on the background. The main benefits a person can get after buying it are that it is scratch resistance.

No matter how much it is used, the material would not look old and scratchy. Tear resistance is also made sure by keeping the material of high quality.

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Bio-Bubble Coral 3D aquarium background – 10, 20 Gallon

Bio-Bubble Coral 3D aquarium backgroundThe underwater experience is created by this 3d background of plants, rocks, flowers, coral, and weed pictures. This presents a beautiful look when it is illuminated by the light. It is a made of a durable material which is coated with plastic that is not difficult to clean.

It is water resistant so it will not get fade after the use of a long time. The sizes are available for 10 and 20-gallon aquariums which can be easily fixed on the background. The installation process is made really easy with the help of suction cups.

It is strong and resists all kinds of scratches. The main strength is the beautiful and attractive design which gives the feel of real coral and underwater life. Among 3d aquarium backgrounds, this design actually gives the feel of reality because of the material from which it is made.

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