The Proper housing of pet snakes makes them look really beautiful and attractive. The important thing which takes part in the looks is the cage.

The cage for snake comes in different forms including wood, plastic or glass. It should be made in a way that there is no corner left for escape. Snakes can escape really easily just from very little space so a secure cage will be the best choice. Big snake cages also provide a lot of places to put accessories like the artificial heating system and lights.

Extra large screen reptile habitat cage
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30.5 x 16.1 x 1.8 inches4.8/5$$ Check Price
Pawhut clean air screen cage16.5 x 16.5 x 26 inches4.4/5$$ Check Price
R-Zilla reptile habitat18 x 12 x 20 inches4.2/5$$ Check Price

Below you can find some of the Best Snake Cages on the market in 2018.


Zoo Med Extra large screen snake enclosure

Extra large screen reptile habitat cage

This is a snake cage which is made of aluminum screen. It is made sure in the production that no kind of harmful and smelly chemicals are used to prevent the health of snake or other reptiles. The dimensions of this cage are 48 inches × 24 inches × 24 inches.

This is a perfect size which anyone can demand a snake. It is not easy for the snake to get out of it because of all the security measures were taken. According to reviews, there is no hole for holding the lights and other electronic material.

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Pawhut clean air screen cagePawhut clean air screen cage

It is an ideal house for the snakes and other reptiles like gechos and chameleons etc. The plus point is that there is a mesh screen made of aluminum which makes the escape of the pet impossible. The aluminum frame is also tough and made of really good quality to support toughness and strength. The front door is really large and provides ease in accessing the pet.

The dimensions are 26 inches height, 16.5 inches length and 16.5 inches in width. It is not a difficult task to clean the cage because the base is water resistant and durable. The net weight of this cage is 5 lbs which make it really simple to navigate it in different portions of the home.

This is a really tall cage and provides a place to keep the food and other items easily.

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R-Zilla reptile habitat

R-Zilla reptile habitat

This is a cage with the size of 18, 12 and 20 inches dimensions. The frame is made of aluminum which is long lasting and strong.

The mesh screen is also available in black color which makes it escape proof. It provides a natural habitat which is just like the wildlife. The pet feels really fresh and lively in it because of the setting is done in the form of natural habitat, the door is protected by two locks and there is a hinged door which makes the access really easy. The strength is maintained to make it useful for years.

The bottom of this cage is made of plastic which helps in the cleaning process. The electric accessories are attached easily with the help of cord port available for wiring. So, this is an ultimate big snake cage for holding the snakes.

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Best Snake Cage of 2018 – Buying Guide

Consider Natural Environment of Snakes

In addition to the size of the snake, the cage may vary according to the particular species of pet. It all depends on the size and natural habitat of the snake. Just for example if the snake is ball python he will be more comfortable in the small and tight place. But the place should not be very tight that it becomes uncomfortable to move about in the presence of thermoregulatory and other accessories. However, the arboreal snake needs a tank which is tall as well as wide. Try to take out some time and think about the type of habitat a snake would like to have in a wildlife.Best Snake Cages

Choice of best cage for the snake

In any case, the front of the cage in which the snake is kept is made of the glass material to make the observation easier. However, the roof, floor, and walls can vary in the type of material used. The material from which the other sides are made is preferably glass, plastic or wood. There are different pros and cons of each type of material used. Following are some types which are commonly used for making snake cages.

Wooden Cages

The wooden cages are cheap as well as reliable, especially for the snakes. The sizes of these cages vary according to the requirement of the customer. In addition to being cheaper, some other points should be kept in mind while buying the wooden cage for snakes.

The strength and versatility of wooden cages are well known. The matching is easily available with the home furniture which adds up to the aesthetics. Also, the addition of lights and heaters become really easy by the use of drill holes. Wood has a high capacity of holding more amount of heat inside the cage which helps in keeping the snake warm in the cold area. The disadvantage of this cage is that it is heavy and difficult to shift from one place to another.

Glass Cages

These are becoming the most popular type of cages which are specially designed for the snakes and other types of reptiles. If a number of pages have to be kept in the single place, they can be set as on top of each other without any difficulty. The significant benefit for which they are really popular is that they are attractive and look really professional. The visibility of snake becomes easy because of the transparent glass material. Seeing the snake becomes effortless from all the sides and angles.

The health checks can be performed without having to get the snake out of the cage. Keeping an eye on the snake every time provide a different viewpoint. The disadvantage of these cages is that they are fragile and requires a lot of care to handle them. The difficulty of installing and maintaining the heating system is also a big issue because in winters the temperature is not sustained in the glass material.

Fitting the electrical equipment like lighting and heaters is a difficult task because it is hard to make drill holes in glass.

Plastic Cages

While making a selection of plastic cage for the snake, it should be kept in mind that the cage selected should be specifically designed for the snakes. The specifications which are necessary to be present in the snake cage are that the ventilation holes should be small so that they cannot escape easily. The environment in the cage should also be natural in the form of low and long dimensions.

This helps the snake in moving around easily. The main advantages of plastic cages are that they are light in weight and strong as compared to other types of cages. The movement of the cage from one place to other becomes really easy. There is no need to have a cabinet or special stand to place this cage. Another positive feature is that the plastic cages are really easy to clean and maintain hygiene of cage.

All kinds of bacteria and parasites are removed without any difficulty. The disadvantage of this cage is that they are available in limited variety. It is difficult to get the required size of the cage. These are more expensive as compared to other cages because of lesser availability in the market.