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Keeping your birds safely inside their cages is easier said than done. With so many cage styles and material types on the market, it can be difficult to find the best and most durable cage for your birds. Plastic and soft metals are not always ideal for birds that like to hang on the bars and move around a lot. Instead, stainless steel or iron bird cage is an ideal choice.

There is much to be said about these bird cages, and it will be covered in this article. Below, you will find a comparison chart to help you when you are deciding between bird cages made with stainless steel or iron, and there are also our top five products with detailed reviews.

If this doesn’t help with your decision, we have included a buyer’s guide to help you search for different technologies and functions of these bird cages to ensure that you get the best stainless steel bird cage for your needs.


Best Stainless Steel Bird Cage of 2018 – Reviews

Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron (Editors' Choice)24 x 36 x 66 in4.7/5 Check Price
Prevue Pet Products Dynasty Stainless Steel Bird Cage17.5 x 17.5 x 30 in4.5/5 Check Price
Prevue Park Plaza Bird Cage18 x 18 x 49 in4.3/5 Check Price
HQ's Opening Scroll Parrot Cage22 x 17 x 55 in4.2/5 Check Price
King's Cages Parrot Cage Play Pen Bird Cages40 x 30 x 72 in4.0/5 Check Price

Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron – Best Stainless Steel Bird Cage

Stainless Steel Bird Cages Buying Guide

This incredibly durable bird cage is ideal for keeping your birds secure in their home. The wrought iron construction is coated in a non-toxic finish that looks incredible and resists stains and other damage. The price of the bird cage is also incredible for the style and security that this cage offers to bird owners.

Included with the cage is a push button lock on the door that keeps you bird securely inside. The cage comes with a stand and play top, as well as a set of rounded seed guards to prevent messes. With two wooden perches and four different stainless steel cups, this cage is ideal for keeping your bird safe and keeping the cage looking spectacular with minimal damage.

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  • Made from high-quality material
  • Price ideal for budgets
  • Easy to clean design
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Have rolling capabilities
  • Cage has a horrible smell when coming out of the box
  • Cage is smaller than other models
  • Seed catcher doesn’t do much good



Prevue Pet Products Dynasty Stainless Steel Bird Cage – Smallest Product

If you are looking for a bird cage that isn’t very large, then you’ve found the right stainless steel option. This bird cage is made with looks in mind, and it is unique. The cage is made completely from stainless steel with a foot friendly carved perch for your precious bird. The bowls and cups are even made from a decorated porcelain. In fact, this cage looks like something that Tweety Bird would sit in.

This bird cage sports a removable grille, which is ideal for keeping the cage clean. However, you can also snap off the bottom of the cage while leaving the grille in place for another way to keep the cage clean. This cage is functional and unique all at the same time.

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  • Tall, round construction is great for vertical flyers
  • Cage has hanging capabilities
  • Assembly is easy
  • Beautiful design
  • Durable material
  • Tall, round construction is great for vertical flyers
  • Cage has hanging capabilities
  • Assembly is easy
  • Beautiful design
  • Durable material



Prevue Park Plaza Bird Cage – Large Stainless Steel Bird Cage

stainless steel bird cages reviews

This bird cage is an excellent choice if you have a bird breed that loves to fly around and be active. This cage is spacious, allowing for plenty of room should your birds need it. The wrought iron construction of the cage is also ideal for birds who are active since the bars are less likely to be damaged or stained by an active bird.

Along with this cage, you will get a hardwood perch for your birds to sit on, and it also comes with two different stainless steel cups for food and water. The wrought iron bars are covered in a non-toxic coating of powered finish that resists damage and stains.

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  • Lock has a safety feature for children and birds
  • Ideal price for budgets
  • Comes in three different colors
  • Roomy design for active birds
  • High-quality design
  • Seed guard is not very helpful
  • Assembly can be difficult
  • Not ideal for small spaces



HQ’s Opening Scroll Parrot Cage – Best Looking Design

If the design is something you are looking for in a stainless steel bird cage, then look no further. This cage has a beautiful and exquisite design that is unique to this cage. It contains a cart tray as well so you can easily roll your bird cage from one place to the other if you need to. The price is also ideal for those on a budget.

The top of this bird cage opens up so you can easily let your bird free to fly around and play. There is also a door on the front for feeding, cleaning, and other things. Not only does the cage come with a cart tray, but it comes with three stainless steel bowls as well for food, water, and seeds.

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  • Easy assembly
  • Top opening is easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Finish is beautiful color and durable
  • Cart included for portability
  • There are not many perches on this cage
  • Heavy construction
  • Smaller than other models



King’s Cages Parrot Cage Play Pen Bird Cages – Product with the Best Features

When it comes to safety features, all pet owners should look for something to help them keep their pet safe from harm. Luckily, this King’s Cages bird cage has several different safety features to help you keep your birds safe from harm. One of the best safety features is the bird resistant lock on the door. This feature ensures that the birds cannot bite or open the lock on the door and escape.

This cage also includes a removable tray for cleaning and a grate that makes it easy to clean the cage. It comes with five different feeder bowls made from stainless steel, and the two perches are ideal for multiple birds. The cage also sports industrial strength casters that allow for easy movement of the cage.

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  • Lock keeps birds safely inside the cage
  • Roomy interior
  • Heavy duty food dishes
  • Easy assembly
  • Attractive design
  • Ladders on the top are useless
  • If door is not fully latched, birds can escape
  • Shipping often comes in separate packages


Best Stainless Steel Bird Cages – Buyer’s Guide

In this section, you will find a buyer’s guide packed full of information about stainless steel bird cages, their advantages, their functionalities, and their technologies. This information is here to help you when you are preparing to make a final purchase decision on a bird cage of your choice. You can use these things below to help you find the best bird cage without feeling as though you are completely lost and confused.

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There are multiple advantages to having a stainless steel bird cage just like there are advantages to having stainless steel in the home elsewhere. You can find stainless steel everywhere, so why not utilize the advantages of stainless steel in a bird cage for your home. Since there are many different advantages, only two will be discussed in this buyer’s guide to help save time.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to having a stainless steel bird cage is the lack of rust. Stainless steel doesn’t rust since it is coated with a special anti-rust coating that is non-toxic. This is why stainless steel is so popular in the kitchen since it is used around water and other liquids that might cause other metals to rust. It is the same for bird cages. If you bird spills water in the bottom of the cage, you don’t have to worry about the cage rusting should you fail to notice it and get it cleaned up. Moisture in the air will also not cause it to rust like other metal bird cages might do.

Durability is a huge advantage for a bird cage. There are some species of bird, and even some birds’ personalities, that are rambunctious and hyper. Typically, these bird’s will do quite a bit of damage to a plastic cage, but with stainless steel, that damage is left to a minimum if even at all. The stainless steel is extremely durable and can hold up to dents, dings, and constant swinging from the bars across the top.


When it comes to functionality, having a bird cage that is functional for you and the birds are ideal. You want something that you birds are going to enjoy living in, and you want a cage that is going to be easier for you. Just like the advantages, there are many different functionalities to having a stainless steel bird cage. We will only discuss two of these functionalities.

You can find perches in every bird cage. It is almost a staple to have a perch somewhere in a bird cage. However, other bird cages do not have the durable perches that a stainless steel bird cage sports. Since birds tend to spend a good bit of their time sitting on the perches, it stands to reason that you would want a perch that is durable against wear and tear from beach and talons.

If you are looking for a function that is helpful for you as the bird owner, then you should look for a stainless steel removable tray. Often, bird cages have removable trays in the bottom of the cage so you can easily clean out the stuffing in the bottom from defecation and other messes like water or food spillage. A stainless steel tray will not stain or discolor from messes like these, which makes it ideal for keeping the cage looking new. It is also helpful for you because you can easily remove the tray to clean it.


Just like with the functionalities, you might be looking for something that is helpful to both your birds and you when it comes to the cage. Luckily, there are technologies found in stainless steel cages that are great for keeping your birds safely inside and helping you should you need to move their cage around. These two specific technologies will be discussed in the sections below to help you better understand these aspects.

Bird resistant locks are something you might not think about until your bird is flying around your apartment at three in the morning. However, these locks are ideal for both your safety and the safety of your bird, and a stainless steel lock is even better since it is durable. Plastic locks can break easily, and be chewed on by your rambunctious bird. Stainless steel won’t give way, which makes them an ideal technology for a bird cage.

If you find yourself needing to move your bird cage around the house, it can be almost impossible to move it by picking it up, especially if you have a large bird. Instead of trying to tote it yourself, you can get a stainless steel cage with wheels on the bottom that easily allow you to roll the cage from place to place without disturbing your bird or hurting yourself in the process. Look for a stainless steel cage that comes with a stainless steel cart tray to help alleviate the struggles of relocating your bird in the house.


Finding a great bird cage for your little pets is not always as easy as it seems. With so many different materials out there, which is the best one for you and your birds? That all depends, but a stainless steel or iron bird cage might be ideal for someone who has a rambunctious bird who likes to climb and nip at the bars.

These cages have several advantages, making them great choices for home use, but they also have many technologies as well. By using the buyer’s guide and the product reviews in the article above, you can utilize the information to help you find the best stainless steel bird cage to meet both your needs and your bird’s needs.