The people who have bearded Dragons must know that how much important it is to set up the vivarium for them before they even arrive. They need a hot and dry habitat which should contain little or no moisture. A substrate for digging is also required as an essential for the vivarium.

The first priority should be the health of bearded dragon when it comes to choosing the best vivarium. If the environment and set up is good, it will make the switching period easy. For the bearded dragon, the options of both wooden and glass vivariums are available and the best can be chosen depending on the priorities.

Here are 3 best vivariums for bearded dragon along with their specifications.

Carolina Custom Cages Bearded Dragon Kit
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30 x 12 x 12 inches ; 33 pounds4.8/5$$$ Check Price
Zoo Med Bearded Dragon Kit35.8 x 18.1 x 18.1 inches ; 18.1 pounds4.5/5$$ Check Price
R-Zilla Deluxe Bearded Dragon kit38 x 20.5 x 18.5 inches ; 1 pounds4.2/5$$ Check Price

Carolina Custom Cages Bearded Dragon Kit

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This is the product which is equally important for the bearded dragons of every size. The background of the 20L glass vivarium is the representation of reptile habitat and monument valley. The basking requirements and UVB are satisfied with basking light assembly in the form of fixtures and reflectors. The habitat also includes substrate material of egg flats, cricket food, and salad bowl made of ceramic and multivitamin Rep-Cal Herptivite.

The other things which add up to the peaceful living and comfort of the bearded dragon include natural rock, a thermometer for checking the temperature. The best item which comes with this vivarium is the antifungal and antibacterial cleaner which keep the bearded dragon free from diseases. 2% of chlorhexidine solution is added to the water to make the home non-toxic and clean.

The reptile carpet is included with an extra piece which can be used while washing. All these things are installed and assembled already along with the background of trees and arch.

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Zoo Med Bearded Dragon Kit

Zoo Med Bearded Dragon Kit

It’s a product that is simple to use and adds great value to the life of person buying it. It is a kit of 40-gallon long vivarium which is equipped with everything needed to hold a bearded dragon. The top has the amazing feature of dual screen. A fluorescent bulb is also attached which is 10.0 compact Reptisun UVB. The sand substrate is present to facilitate the bearded dragon in digging. Humidity and temperature gauge make the environment favorable and comfortable for the dragon. All these things come with the booklet which includes all the details about taking care of bearded dragons. The dimensions are also large enough to facilitate the living of even a grown-up bearded dragon.

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R-Zilla Deluxe Bearded Dragon kit

R-Zilla Deluxe Bearded Dragon kit

This is a deluxe X-large kit which is specifically made to hold adult and fully developed bearded dragons. The bulbs and fixture of dome light make the habitat healthy and safe. The dishes and food for the health and nutrition of the bearded dragon are added to satisfy the need of water and food. The main issue faced by most of the people is the cleaning of vivarium which has become really easy in R-Zilla Deluxe kit.

It is specially made to keep the bearded dragon in a bacteria-free environment and prevent the growth of microbes. Regardless of the weather conditions, adult dragons can be kept in this cage in

a safe atmosphere. It has all the essential parts including water, food, lighting and heating for the bearded dragons. The comfortable accommodation is ensured keeping in mind the needs of the infant as well as adult bearded dragons. The additional which should be included are the décor items and basking area. Otherwise, it is perfect home and best vivarium for bearded dragon to live in.

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