Cats love to go on heights and that is why many innovative ways are available to provide them with the large and tall houses. Cats like to go vertical and having cat trees for large cats will make this really easy for cat owners. The choice of good furniture for the cats is really essential to keep them happy.

The things which should be considered while making a selection include the durability, strength and solid material. One thing should be kept in mind that the cat will be using it for numerous coming years and it should last long.

The best types of trees and condos for the single or multiple cats will be discussed in this article to make it clear for the pet owner that what type of furniture he needs for the cat.

Best Cat Trees for Large Cats of 2018 – Comparison

Cat Condo Kitty Furniture
(Editors' Choice)
20 x 20 x 33 inchesBrown$$ Check Price
Go Pet Club Tall Beige Cat Furniture19 x 19 x 51 inchesBeige$ Check Price
Vidagoods Play House22 x 24 x 72 inchesBeige$$ Check Price

Cat Condo Kitty Furniture – Best Cat furniture for large cats

Cat Trees for Large Cats

The height of this cat tree is 33 inches while the length and breadth both are of 20 inches. The choice of color depends on the buyer preference. The material which is used in the manufacturing of this house is wood. If someone needs a really durable and stable condo for the big sized cat, then this is the best option. The strength of this condo is enough to hold a large cat.

The placement of this product can be done in the corner of a room or at any place at which it’s convenient to use. It is ensured that no toxic material should be used in the manufacturing of this house so that the health and safety of cat remain protected. Even the use of glue is restricted to ensure safety. This is a beautiful decorative addition to the room which guarantees the availability of a peaceful place to hide, play and sleep for the cat.

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Go Pet Club Tall Beige Cat Furniture – Big Cat Tree

Go pet club tall beige cat furniture

This cat house is 72 inches tall and provides a really huge house for the cats to live, rest and play. The material which is used in the manufacturing of this house is sisal rope, faux fur, and compressed wood. The posts are covered with the sisal rope which is natural and the covering is made of the Faux fur material. This can be utilized to hold the cats of sizes varying from average to large.

The instructions for assembling this product are available with the package along with all the necessary tools. The overall structure includes 2 condos, 3 perches and many scratch posts to provide a playing area for cats. The faux fur on the top layer gives a comfortable and soft place to sleep and rest. There is no way that the cats will move towards the home furniture with the presence of this excellent cat tree in the house.

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Vidagoods Play House – Modern cat tree

Vidagoods play house

This is a 71 inches long cat house which is covered with the help of actual sisal rope. The board material is made of wood which is highly durable and reliable in strength.

The main advantage is that it can be viewed as a comprehensive and complete cat house which has everything included in it. It is best for multiple cats to live in and offers an amazing playground for them. The home furniture will be protected because it has all the things to keep the cats attracted towards it.

This is among the cat trees for large cats that are liked by all cats because it is really tall and soft to rest on. This is a decent priced house for the cats which is favorable for the cats of every size. The look is also really attractive that it makes a nice addition to home furniture.

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