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As a general rule before obtaining any pet, you need to have their habitat set up properly so they can quickly adapt and settle in without having to go through so much trouble. Every single pet needs to feel comfortable and safe in order to function well and survive their new environment; otherwise, you will have a grumpy, unhealthy pet that will eventually die.

Chameleons in particular are reputed to be very difficult to keep. That might be the case but truth is, their needs can easily be met if you know what they are and how to set it up. There is no perfect idea or formula on how to set it up but here are a few tips for your chameleon cage set up.

Chameleon Enclosure Set-Up Guide – Choose the best Chameleon Cage

Just like other animal cages, the chameleon enclosure has several types too. There are three types screen cages, glass terrariums or vivariums and glass or acrylic and screen combination. The style of cage will vary mainly on your preference and the climate in your general area.

For areas with varying temperature and cold climates, the glass terrarium is often better. The glass can retain moisture and heat better than the screen so this will ensure your chameleon will still feel comfortable even if the weather gets chilly.

On the other hand, for areas that are quite hot and humid, a screen cage will definitely be more suitable. The screen cage will provide better air circulation and should not therefore make the environment stagnant and warm.

You will need to take into consideration the specie of chameleon you will be getting when choosing its home. For most, there are two different cages used, a smaller one for 2 to 4 month old chameleons and a permanent home when they become an adult. This set up is not just for your benefit but it’s for your pet.

The smaller cage allows them to gain more experience in hunting and it lets them monitor food uptake easier. As they grow in size, they become more independent and mature and thus will need a bigger hunting ground and cage.Chameleon Cage Set Up

The Essentials

Having a chameleon is not enough, you also need to consider the following:


Chameleons are exothermic and they depend on outside heat to remain active. They also need enough light to keep a healthy immune system and to digest their food properly. Basing on these factors, it is a must that the lighting system of your cage is suitable and is enough for your chameleon since its survival depends on this big factor.

You will need a UVB bulb as well as a basking bulb. The latter shall provide a hot spot for the chameleon to bask in so as to warm up. On the other hand, the UVB bulb will provide artificial sunlight. This allows the chameleon to synthesize vitamin D3 in their skin. This vitamin is essential for calcium absorption in their bones. The usual recommendation is Reptisun 5.0 UVB light but there are better brands out there too.

Misting System

This is actually optional but if you want a better home for your chameleon then this is highly recommended. An automated misting system is the most advisable type to use since it will save you a

lot of time and effort. All you need to do is install it and it will automatically do its job daily. Additionally, this will allow your chameleon to drink water even without your help so it has access to water all throughout the day too.


Chameleons are arboreal. This means they thrive in plant cover above the ground. Artificial plant are okay but real plats are highly recommended. Love plants can hold humidity better and they also provide better surfaces for drinking.

Branches and Vines

The addition of branches and vines to your cage is necessary since they provide walkways and pathways for the chameleon to get around the cage easily. This will also make the habitat become more natural for your pet. Chameleons love to climb so I f you don’t provide them vines they might resort to climbing the screen or glass walls which could in turn hurt them. Also you can use reptile tank backgrounds to make cage more lovely.


Drainage is important for sanitary purposes. All the used water should be drained away otherwise, it could become stagnant which is really unhealthy for your pet and it will also make the cage look terrible. Your drainage will have to vary depending on the type of cage you have.

Top-3 Cages for Chameleon today:



Exo Terra Rainforest – Best Chameleon Habitat Kit

Exo Terra Rainforest Habitat Kit

This Exo Terra Rainforest Habitat Kit comes in two sizes the small and medium ones. The smaller size is highly recommended if you are trying to raise a baby chameleon but ones it matures into an adult. The medium sized cage will make a perfect home. Here are some features which makes this terrarium the best choice for you and your chameleon.

  • This is made entirely of high quality glass making it a suitable place for different reptiles like snakes, lizards and geckos. Having said that, this means this is ultra-strong for a smaller and weaker reptile such as the chameleon.
  • This features dual front doors which make it escape proof. This ensures that your pet will not have any chances of escaping the cage when you are not around.
  • This offers a compact top lighting system. The lighting system saves a lot of space while making sure it provides enough light for the chameleon.
  • This also offers unique front window ventilation with a metal screen for top ventilation. The design of the aquarium was made to ensure that enough ventilation is provided at all times.
  • The package comes as a complete set. This means, you won’t have to worry about missing some of the essentials you’ll need in the cage. This also makes it more affordable since you don’t have to buy everything separately.
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BioBubble Chameleon Cantina

This green colored chameleon cage is one beautiful piece. This not only makes a good home for your chameleon but it also makes a perfect décor in your home and even at the office. This cage offers 360 degrees crystal clear views in this 41 inch tall enclosure. Some parts are made of plastic but they only used safe plastic. This also comes with attachable branches and vines not just for decoration but to serve as an entertainment to your pet. Chameleons are known to love climbing so these vines are just perfect for them. This cage requires lesser time as it can easily be cleaned with warm water and mild detergent. You don’t have to spend a lot of time just to clean it. Lastly this can be placed hanging or standing depending on your preference and the space available.

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Zoo Med Reptibreeze Screen Cage

Zoo Med Reptibreeze Screen Cage

This screen cage is just perfect if your area is a bit hot and humid. This would easily let fresh air enter and lessen the moist and heat inside the cage. This has been designed so you can easily access and clean it. This is a really great feature especially if you are in a hurry to clean the cage or you are always busy.

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