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Penn Plax AquaTerrium Planting Tank
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Grow watercress, English ivy, jade and herbs4.6/5$$$ Check Price
TerraGreen Creations Complete Terrarium KitSheet Moss, Polished River Rock, Washed Pea Gravel, Organic Soil Mix, Activated Charcoal4.3/5$ Check Price
H Potter Terrarium Plants KitLive green moss, activated charcoal, terrarium planting soil, pea gravel complete planting guide4.0/5$ Check Price

Aquaterriums are getting more and more popular these days. The wonders of aquariums and terrariums have long been appreciated. Year after year, more people are falling in love with the beauty of having them too. But recently, the combination of these two has started to gain popularity. Having an aquarium filled with plants is just plain beauty. It is therefore the main reason why terrarium kits with plants came into fame. They are often used as terrariums only but these days they are being converted into aquariums. Here are some tips which you might find useful when setting up your first aquarium.

Before You Buy

A Healthy Aquarium

Perhaps you will easily agree to this, pets need a safe and healthy environment. It is therefore a must that you try to offer the best care and attention to them. They basically rely on you to keep their habitat healthy. In their natural habitat, there’s no need for that since rivers, oceans and lakes have natural filters and are cleaned automatically. In an aquarium, you need around 30 minutes per week for cleaning and changing the water. Below are some of the essentials you need when purchasing an aquarium.Terrarium Kits with Plants

  • Gravel – Either prewashed or coated is just fine. This mainly depends on your preferences.
  • Decorations – You need to ensure that you will only buy decorations for aquariums as some might hurt your fish.
  • Fish Food – do not forget this most important thing, else your fish might immediately die of starvation and usually there are no food alternatives for them.
  • Water Conditioner – You will definitely need a water conditioner to make sure the fish are safe. Its main job is to de-chlorinate tap water to make it fish-safe.
  • Graver Washer – Unless you have a lot of time and would want to clean the gravels manually, then this is a must. It makes cleaning and changing water a lot easier.
  • Net – You can use other things to transfer fish but this is by far the safest one.

How to Set up Your Aquarium


You definitely should handle everything with care. This is common sense but sometimes we tend to get too excited and that’s when accidents tend to happen. You have to remember that all aquariums are made of glass and are therefore subjected to breaking. The fish themselves are very delicate so you can’t just carelessly toss them here and there. And another gentle reminder, never attempt to try to move a partially or fully filled aquarium

Preparing the Tank

This is a very common mistake among first timers. Never ever use soap, detergents or any other cleaning agents when cleaning your tank. These always leave residues which are quite harmful to the fish. Instead, you may use a damp cloth to clean your tank both inside and outside before filling it in.

Adding Gravel

Remember that too much of everything is not really good. You need to know the limits. For gravel, add 1.5 to 2 pounds for every gallon of aquarium water, beyond that is unsafe for the fish and practically, it won’t look good. Before adding the gravel, make sure you are able to rinse it thoroughly. The gravel should also slope at the front part of your aquarium.

Filling in the Water

When filling your aquarium, it is advisable to place a clean dish on top of the gravel so it won’t be disturbed when you start the fill. This will ensure that the stream of water will gently deflect without having the need to displace the gravel.

The Decorations

You can always add decorations once the aquarium is full but do not unconsciously over decorate. Over decorating often leads to the fish being harmed. This has been proven true countless times already by new fish owners.


Penn Plax AquaTerrium Planting Tank

Penn Plax AquaTerrium Planting Tank

This elegantly designed aqua terrarium will definitely make the perfect home for your fish. It has a uniquely curved design which you will not see often in a terrarium. This will make a perfect decoration everywhere may it be at home or in the office. This is the exact opposite of an eyesore, that you are assured. It’s an elegant display of beauty like a small aquatic nature garden. Checkout some of its other features here.

· This is the perfect combination for both a small fish aquarium and a plant terrarium. This beautifully designed curve terrarium can hold both your plants and your fish. The landscaping you can make out of the design will surely be one of a kind. The aquatic ecosystem will benefit your fish and you plants at the same time. Fishes are used to having underwater plants in their natural habitat so this will definitely help them; on the other hand the water will do the plants well since it’s a natural source of nutrients for them.

  • This terrarium kit features a 1.85 gallon crystal clear glass tank that is equipped with an aquaponic waterfall, rock scape with planting pods and deluxe plant pack.
  • This also features an integrated water filter which ensures the aquarium always have fresh and healthy water. The pump circulates water coursing through the waterfall and thus provides nutrients to the plants through hydroponics.
  • This comes with LED high power plant growth light which helps the plants thrive in their new environment.
  • The aquarium is perfect for small fishes like guppies, zebras and gold fish.
  • This tank measures 10.5 inches deep with 9.5 inches width and 11.8 inches length. This means, it can easily fit a small space like desks and dressers.
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TerraGreen Creations Complete Terrarium Kit with Plants


TerraGreen Creations Complete Terrarium Kit

This mini terrarium kit comes as a complete package so you won’t have to worry about forgetting to buy some necessities. This comes with a crystal clear glass globe which will make a perfect aqua terrarium and a fish bowl at the same time. Furthermore, this also comes with plants for you to start with in decorating but you may want to buy your own since the plants that come with it are not exactly aquatic plants. This aqua terrarium makes a great display in any small space like your desk or office desk. The sight of this very attractive piece of décor will surely give you pleasure and relaxation every time it meets your sight. This also comes in three sizes, small medium and large depending on what you need.

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H Potter Terrarium Plants Kit

H Potter Terrarium Kit

H Potter is a popular supplier for all your terrarium needs. Thus, this terrarium kit comes as a complete package. This will definitely ensure you have everything you need in setting up your aqua terrarium. This even comes with live moss and other plants. So if you don’t want to take the hassle of buying the essentials separately then this would be perfect for you. This also comes in three sizes, small medium and large depending on what you need. If you are planning to take more than one fish then the large one woud be highly recommended but if your space is very limited then you may take the smallest one. Either sizes will surely make perfect decorations wherever you may want to put them.

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