Wireless dog fences are the best option when the preference is portability. The people who do not like to bury the wires in their ground can take the option of wireless fences. These are electrically controlled and really easy to choose. The decision about the best fence can be made by the in-depth study of wireless dog fence reviews. The existing users can provide the right knowledge about the pros and cons.

Petsafe Wireless Fencing System (Editors' Choice)Wide Circular Range, Completely Wireless, Easy Installation, Waterproof Receiver5/5$$$ Check Price
Ideal house Forcefield outdoor dog fence systemIncludes wire for 1/2 acre, Suitable for any size dog, 3 Year Warranty4.6/5$$ Check Price
3rd Generation Wireless Dog FenceRange up to 500 meters, Waterproof Training Collar, Rechargeable Transmitter4.1/5$ Check Price

Here you can find TOP 3 Best Wireless Dog Fence Collars in 2018.


Petsafe Wireless Fencing System – Best wireless invisible dog fence

Petsafe wireless fencing system

This fencing system is available for the dogs who are equal to or more than 8 pounds. The neck size of 6 to 28 inches is reasonable to use this collar. The receivers are waterproof so there is no need to worry because the dog can easily use it at any place.

The levels of adjustment for the correction are five. The primary level is to alert through the use of a beep and then it moves gradually towards shock. Unlimited pets can be added to this system without any worry because it works efficiently with even more number of dogs. Along with the 6-volt battery, two extra batteries are also included in the package.

The receiver is just of 2.5 once and the size is also really small. This is no doubt the compact and all inclusive package for the fencing of dogs.

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Ideal house Forcefield – Best outdoor dog fence system

Ideal house dog fence system

This is a reliable and safe system which can handle the dogs of every type. The boundary is adjustable which can be changed according to the area available. It works in a really easy manner. The radio signals are issued at first which are harmless to the dogs.

If the dog still moves on, it will release a low-intensity shock. The level of intensity can be adjusted according to the capacity of dog. The field level is adjustable up to 656 feet. The shape of the boundary is decided according to the will of the owner and the width of the signal field is also controlled. The size of the collar can be adjusted according to the body size of the dog. Normally it is for the dogs of 8 lbs and more.

A special adjusting device is available with the transmitter which changes the range of areas where the dog can enter. The adaptability of the dog should be made sure by providing proper training. This is a complete package which is most liked by the modern consumers.

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3rd Generation Dog Fence – For small dogs

3rd generation wireless dog fence

This wireless dog fence is easy in setting up and provides a safe zone for the pets to move about. The boundary is circular which can be easily adjusted between the limit of 20 – 500 meters depending on the area available.

The transmitters are of a really good quality that they provide a built-in battery system which is easily rechargeable. That battery can work without any disruption for 24 hours. The static correction has four levels which prevent the straying of dog from the boundaries. The audible tone for the warning is available in case of any problem. The shock will also occur if the dog moves out of the boundary. This is the best solution to look for in the camping and vacation homes.

The receivers are available with the system which have the feature of waterproofing and are also rechargeable. The strap is adjustable so that it can fit the dog of any size. The favorable sizes of dogs are from 8 to 120 pounds. Extra collars can also be added to handle more dogs easily. This is a system which provides ultimate satisfaction to the customers.

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Best Wireless Dog Fence – Buying Guide

Basics of Wireless Dog Fence

Before moving towards the best options, let’s discuss what the wireless fence system actually is. In the wireless fence, an electric field is created by the help of transmitter. That electric field is the boundary in which the dog has to stay. If he moves out of that field, he will receive an electric stimulation. By the help of training and repetition, the dog learns how to stay inside the boundaries. This is really an easy system to install. It can work best if the home is structured in a systematic manner. Otherwise, the movement will be restricted to a limited portion of the house. This will provide a place for the pet to move freely and the ground will also be protected from the burial.

Choice of Features

There are a number of features which come along with the wireless dog fence. It is the choice of buyer that what type of features he wants. The augmented products are as follows.

Light Protection

The electric field is used to run the wireless dog fencing. The current which is used by these fencing systems is AC current and it can bring problems in the lighting system of the house. The power surges are a common issue in this scenario. For the solution of this problem, the surge protector is used. The best way to save the investment on the wireless fence and the electricity system is to have lightning protection. If this is not installed properly, the dog will freely wonder even outside the perimeters of the boundary.

Battery Backup System

Sometimes the transmitter of the system fails to handle the electricity supply or the power goes off for a long time. In these conditions, it is best to have a backup of the power system. This will make sure the working of wireless fencing system correctly even if the transmitter fails or the power goes off. These backup sources will provide a lot of convenience to keep the system in working condition.

Warning on Line Break

If there is any kind of problem in the boundary of the electric field, there should be a clearly audible warning sign for that. The failure of the system is identified in this way. If the line break warning system is installed, it will make the owner free from the problem of monitoring the transmitter.

Receiver Collar for Dog

The receiver collar which is worn by the dog should be evaluated properly. The size may vary depending on the size of the dog. The designs are also available to go along with the temperament of different dogs. The technological functions include the rechargeable collars which is convenient. The batteries can also be replaced if they do not work properly. These options should be examined properly to have the best selection for the specific type of dog owned by the buyer. For the stubborn dogs, the collars with greater intensity of correction should be selected so that they do not get out of the field.

Easy Setup

As there is no wire that should be buried in the ground, the installation and set-up become really easy. There is no need to dig the trenches. For the people who move frequently in vacation homes or other traveling purposes, this provides the best alternative because it takes no time for installation. The primary thing is to train the dog and once it is done, this portable system can provide a lot of benefits.

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